Do you experience intense sorrow or pain regarding the loss of your loved one? Do you have trouble focusing on anything else but your loved one’s death? Do you focus on reminders of your loved one or excessively avoid reminders of your loved one? Do you have difficulty accepting the death, or feel numb or bitter about the loss?


Are you feeling anxious, depressed, or angry? Or maybe even all of the above?

I use cognitive behavioral therapy and other evidence based approaches to help individuals suffering from grief, depression, anger management issues, anxiety, posttraumatic stress, low self-esteem, assertiveness issues, relationship problems, feeling overwhelmed or stressed, as well as a variety of other emotional difficulties.

My approach is warm, gentle, and straightforward. I use several treatment methods to problem solve collaboratively with my clients. My satisfaction as a counselor comes from watching others gain insight and feel better.

For more details, please feel free to contact me at (859) 760-6743 or email me at kyle@griefcounselingnky.com.